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 Acne Treatment
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   treatment of problematic skin - gentle care for sensitive and reactive skin, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
 All services are provided by a fully qualified esthetician
 Acne Treatment
Looking Good Esthetics, B200-1916 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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My specialty is skin problems. I have been helping teenage boys and girls to get rid of acne for 20 years. I can say that I have been successful for all these years. My success rate has been 95% of all the people I have treated for acne. Theyíre always some people, who expect miracles, or are lazy to do some homework, or continue to use their make-up, which you have to stop using it during the treatments. Once the treatment is completed you simply wonít need to use make-up after words. You can also read my clients telling of their success stories at my web site.

Of course each skin is different, and needs proper care. But acne starts from the same problem, which is the oily skin! When you come to my place I will analyze your skin, and you will receive treatmentís that your skin needs. But in my article Iíll try to explain to you, why your skin became oily and blotchy.

From the age of 13 our bodies start to change, because of hormones. Everybody knows that, but not everyone knows, that this is the cause of oily skin. When this age comes, and you donít clean your skin properly, that is when the oily skin starts to develop the big pores, blotchy, redness, (dryness, very often it is a dry acne too) and than comes ugly pimples. Pimples it is not a disease, it is the results of oily skin only. Iím sure many of you will be saying that it is hard to believe, but trust me on this one- it is! Your oily glands start to develop more oil than they should, and that is how the oily skin became skin that has acne problems. It is a very hard to deal with that, because it is a very hard to fix it.

But that is exactly what Iím doing. You can see on my web site a few pictures of my clients before, during and after the procedures.

I welcome to each of you to come to my place to receive consultations, and the treatments, the products and of course your beautiful skin back with your confidence. INA.

Testimonial: I donít really even know where to begin or what the perfect words are to use to thank Ina for how she helped me. But let me just say-three months ago, I was a different person. I suffered from acne from the age of 11 to 16 years of age. My face was covered in bumps and was irritated and red from the numerous different creams and medications I had been prescribed from doctors over and over again. It just kept getting worse and worse. About three months ago, I was so sad and down on my life. Everything seemed to be wrong and when I looked in the mirror I hated what was looking back at me. One day, I completely broke down, and thatís when we went online looking for a real cure- and miraculously, we found one. Her name was Ina and she changed my life. Ina knew exactly how I felt and exactly what I needed to get rid of my acne for good. Between the facials and her teaching me how to really care for my skin, within 3 months my acne was completely gone. I am the happiest I have ever been. I canít really even believe it myself, but its true! It is amazing how you really gain your life and joy back when you feel confident to show your skin to the world. Ina is the best thing that could have happened to me, and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. From, Hannah:


 Leah before treatment
 Leah during treatment  Leah during treatment

Solution for problematic skin!

 Zera before and during

 Zera during and after

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 Lisa before and after